Monday, October 29, 2012

party weekend

This weekend was a whirl wind.  Friday night, K and I went shopping for finishing touches in Halloween costumes, ate pizza, and then K & O went to the CHILD Center for babysitting night.  While they were there, A and I went out and rented the Hunger Games movie and went home to start watching.  Grandma Betty continued to watch the movie with A while I went out to celebrate a friend turning 40.  I then picked up K & O at 10pm and we went home and collapsed to bed.

Saturday morning was ice skating, chicken chores, laundry, playing, and lunch.  After lunch, Kathryn went to a Halloween party at a classmates house and I made a dish for the Halloween party we would attend that evening.
Mavis from Hotel Transylvania (needs to grow into her fangs)

Saturday evening was dressing for the party and going to a super fun party at the Harer family's house while Grandma and O stayed at home.  K and A didn't want to go home, but we finally got home at about 10:30pm.

O didn't know who I was with my was so cute
Sunday morning dawned very early and K, A and I went to Sunday School and church while Grandma and O stayed home.  Lunch, nap and then Kathryn and I went to pick up birthday gifts for Siri and Ivan's party next Saturday.  Sunday night was baking banana bread, homework and trying to get O to bed after a crazy weekend of late bedtimes.

This morning was another early morning and I am starting to wake up from the Monday morning fog...a great weekend, but probably good that it's over ;)

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