Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010

Ballerina girl
Brad and his birthday bunny
dance party usa
Katie's letter to Santa
Katie performing at the UNIVERSITY preschool
Henry and his flirty eyes
Great Grandma Grace and Osten
Three four year olds by the stockings hung with care in hope that St. Nicholas soon would be there
Uncle Brent supervising gingerbread house construction
Osten in his happy place
Siri intrigued by the Christmas mice left by Santa
Baby Dehlia, a chip off the old block
Singamajig--super cool and mesmerizing!
Ivan and Anders kicking back with Netflix
Anders and the T girls scaling the walls of the children's museum.

What a fast, furious & fabulous Christmas we enjoyed as a new family of five--it ended in the flu, but the flurry up to that point was memorable.

I posted a few photos regaling Katie's school program, Brad's birthday celebration, visit to Children's Museum, playing with cousins, candy eating, cookie craving and runny noses.

With the culmination of the flu, unfortunately documentation of our trip to Southern Minnesota to celebrate with the Blomgren's was not well photographed, but thanks to big brother Kurt and Mom & Dad for your work in making a warm celebration on the 26th!

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures from the Christmas get together. Each picture tells a great story, I look at each and chuckle. I do look forward to seeing more pictures. Katie and the ballerina priceless. Brad and his 'scared' bunny another winner. I'm not sure Osten really got into the dance routine. What a marvelous santa letter - a Katie special. Katie performing at University school, she is doing so well at over coming her stage fright. Henry and flirty eyes, mischief eyes, smiling eyes, etc. Grandma Grace with Osten just a great picture. Three four year olds waiting for St. Nick needless to say they were well rewarded. Brent supervising Katie, she is learning from a good one. Yep, Osten in his happy place. Siri and the Christmas mice just another story that goes back a long way. Dehlia, definitely her mother's daughter. Singamajig was impressive I know Osten was so into it! Anders and Ivan watching Netflix these two concentrate so hard it is almost like they go into a trance on certain things - netflix is one of those. The children museum looks awesome. Karen, fantastic pictures thanks for putting them on - it just wonderful to see these.

Grandpa Bud

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