Friday, December 18, 2009

Funeral play...

I have commented on Sheri the wonder caregiver before. I love being at work and getting a play by play of Katie's day.

Katie says: That was a good funeral
Sheri repeats: That was a good funeral?
K: yes, My puppy died
S Oh (feeling and looking a little perplexed by Katie’s smile and joy)
Hope: Yes her puppy died.
S: Walks around the corner and there is Ian Laying dead on the floor…Of course I cried

And they are continuing to play funeral and dead dog…haaaaaah….TGIF this is a very emotional job….

Later message from Sheri...

Okay now they are talking about how the puppy died

Katie: You got scraped by a tree

Ian: No I got runned over by a car

….this is so hard to ignore

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Creative minds. Really makes you think.

Grandpa Bud

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