Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Anders Cole passed level 2--emerging from depths--touching bottom--front crawl (Phelps-like)

Anders and Kate eagerly awaiting the go-ahead from teachers to jump into the pool

Kate braving up to go under...

She's officially a fish!

Clorine in the eyes--ouch!

Braving up to try a few "scoops"

Anders and Kate just finished up another season of swimming lessons. Anders passed level 2 and Kate will be moving on to "Bubbles" next summer.
This is our last year of parent-child swimming lessons, which is kind of sad as the weather during week 2 was almost heaven like--but we feel Kate is ready to move on and swim on her own.

Anders is really strong on all of his strokes and had no problems jumping or sliding into the deep end. There is the problem with paying attention to the teacher while waiting, but he improved very much in that area as well.

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Anonymous said...

Fish! What a great idea!

Congratulations to Anders on graduating to level 2!

Congratulations to Katie on moving to "bubbles".

Grandpa Bud

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