Thursday, July 7, 2016

under the lights

A's baseball team has been having a nice season so far! Last night, their game was in Somerset under the lights for about an inning and half. Somerset was down a player, so our team took turns filling in right field. A got a chance to play an inning for their team and fielded a couple of hits nicely.

River Falls Blue is the team he plays for and they are currently tied for 1st place in the National League of the Western Wisconsin Baseball League. They are playing again tonight in River Falls so they might just slide into first place? Not sure. These standings don't have the July 6 game added.

Week ending 7/1
American DivisionWLTPointsGames
NR Black9214012
CSCR Blue7403211
NR White5602611
RF Gold3812212
Hudson Navy3802011
National DivisionWLTPointsGames
NR Gray9203811
RF Blue8203410
NR Orange6413011
Hudson Blue6402810
Hudson Maroon4612411

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