Tuesday, June 18, 2013

paddle down the St. Croix

getting outfitted before our departure for Osceola

our canoes on right (along with Charlie and Brad) and the national fuzz on the left

On Saturday, our family had the wonderful opportunity to paddle the St. Croix with our neighbors, the Raders.  They had a double and single canoe, we brought our double and the 7 of us put in at Osceola.  The sky was looking ominous, but Brad had his iPhone and was able to see the radar was looking clear. 

Brad and Charlie dropped us off and proceeded to drive down river 4 miles to the Log Cabin access near Copas, MN.  They came back with Charlie's Subaru and we all climbed into our boats, Nancy, K and I in one boat, Brad and the boys in another boat and Charlie in the single.  The kids did remarkably well and we enjoyed listening to great blue herons nesting, seeing the scenic train from Osceola crossing the bridge and watching a nesting osprey.  We lunched at a small island and provided quite a few mosquitos with a yummy lunch too.

Back in our boats and it seemed like we were just paddling a few minutes when Charlie pulled over to the side of the river...we had reached our destination!  We got the boats out and Charlie, Brad and K and O got in the van to pick up Charlie's Subaru from our starting point.  Nancy, A and I enjoyed the last bits of conversation and decided it would be a great idea to head to Marine for ice cream cones.  Just as the vehicles pulled up the thunder started.  We got the canoes secured to our vehicles just in time.  As we drove to Marine, the rain started pouring.  Delicious ice cream was enjoyed and then it was time to head north to Grantburg for the rest of the weekend.

It was a lovely paddle down the St. Croix!

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