Tuesday, March 5, 2013

winter beauty

Last night, I went to the library to complete an assignment with a book about cultural differences between various groups of Americans.  It was so interesting to read about how typical German and Swedish American families operate.  I found many parallels to how my family interacts with one another.   I then wrote a paper about the subject while I was there so it was fresh in my memory.

I left the library in the wee hours of this morning and was greeted by a most beautiful site--a quiet, cool and white winter wonderland.  The snow kept falling overnight and school was cancelled as a result.  My co-worker hasn't made it into work today as she lives in the country and can't get out of her driveway.
North Hall on my journey into work this morning

I'm enjoying the quiet day at work and wishing my parents well in their Arizona journey--they are missing an absolutely beautiful winter day. 

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